WWE Highlights of Trish Stratus… Top 10 Trish Stratus Matches & Segments


Check out the latest Lethalwow.com Feature: The WWE Highlights of Trish Stratus, Featuring the Top 10 Trish Stratus Matches, and Top 5 Trish Stratus Segments.

Including Trish Stratus and Lita Main Eventing WWE Raw, Trish Stratus versus Mickie James at Wrestlemania, and more…

…Top 10 Trish Stratus Matches

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WWE Legend Lita

Future WWE Legend Lita


WWE Raw 1,000th Episode Results: Lita defeats Heath Slater, Stephanie McMahon & more


…the WWE Diva moment of the night without a doubt goes to Lita. Who answered Heath Slater‘s challenge. Lita getting assistance from all the WWE legends that faced Heath Slater in the past was a great touch. Many fans have been upset over the way Lita left the WWE, but hopefully this made up for it. She is without a doubt a legend in her own right. Having her out there with other WWE Legends certainly solidified that. Could we see Lita inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame in the near future? The segment certainly sets her up nicely for it…

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